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Make real profits while growing your business

We see it all too often. Business gets hard and then the business gets too complex. We focus on proven systems that simplify and grow the business.

ProFixerr University | RepairShop Systems Accelerator

Our Industry Leading Proprietary Training System

We are the first to bring this type of training system to the repair industry.

Our students results are so good, other training providers have called them fake bots.

How does it work?

Weekly LIVE Training Calls

Each week we hold 2 interactive live training calls. You'll be working with us implementing systems and getting feedback. Everything is recorded for review.

1 on 1 & Group Support

During the week we provide full support for each students to continue their learning. We have multiple coaches who provide clarity and learning as you are mastering soldering.

Training Portal

This is incredibly unique and no other provider has anything close. We have a full curriculum with exercises, videos and breakdowns to serve as your 'text book'. This is a LifeTime Access feature.

Members Only Community

Our community has over 220 members currently. All have been enrolled in our trainings and create a culture that is like no other out there. There are daily posts and many replies to each. This is a LifeTime Access Feature.

Success Coach

We understand that it is very hard to stay on task and balance the day to day. That's why we assign a Success and Accountability Coach to each student. We follow up weekly to make sure all your goals are set and you're making a sustainable ROI.

Repair Case Database

This is also another incredibly unique feature that no other provider has. You will have LifeTime Access to our Workflow Mastery Database with over 200 training calls. This is like the Workflow Systems Bible. This is a LifeTime Access Feature.

Your Coaches


Ben Rossow

Lead Coach


Matt Michels

Lead Accoutabilty Coach

Hear From Our Students

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Our Industry Leading Curriculum and Results

What will you learn?

What can a shop typically charge for repairs?

  • 12 & 13 Series $350+

  • Game Console $125 - $250

  • b2b Repairs $85+

  • iPad Repairs $125 - $250+

What Models are Covered in the Program?

  • iPhone 6 through 13 Pro Max

  • iPad Air and Up

  • Playstation and Xbox Consoles

  • Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite

What issues are Covered in the Program?

  • No Touch/No Audio

  • FPC Repairs

  • Resistors

  • Encoders

  • Filters

  • Missing Traces/Pads

  • No Power/Water Damage Data Recovery

  • No Signal (wifi/bluetooth/cellular)

  • Face ID

  • Nand

What Additional Topics are Covered?

  • Diode Mode Reading

  • Hot Air Usage

  • USB Ammeter Reading

  • Pricing Strategy

  • Workflow Efficiency

  • Schematic Reading

  • ZXW Reading

Certifications backed by real Results


I’ve never soldered before. Can I do this?

Yes, vast majority of our students have never soldered before and within weeks are performing paid jobs for customers. Our program structure accounts for all skill levels.

You don't offer Macbook training?

No, to not water down the program, we keep it concise with the most common devices that most repairshops will see. However, many of our students are successful with macbooks implementing the diagnostic techniques and solder skills they learned on our current curriculum.

I'm more of a hands on person, will online work for me?

We get a surprising amount of people who join us after taking those other ‘in person 5 day courses’. They simply don't get the results we do. Our program is fully guided and we hold multiple trainings weekly where we work along with you demonstrating, reviewing and perfecting the skills needed.

90 days is a long time, I'm looking for a shorter program.

There are no shortcuts to mastering microsoldering. We only accept the most determined and motivated individuals.

I don't think I can make the time commitment, what should I do?

If you can't make the time to train, then you definitely cannot make the time to be profitable and sustainable. This is the number 1 reason 5 day courses don't work at scale. They don't solve the time availability issue. We on the other hand, work with you and learn your day to day to ensure you are sustainable and profitable and do not burn out.

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