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Your RepairShop Strategy Call Has Been Scheduled!

Step 1 of 3: Make sure and accept the calendar invite and block out your time…

Congrats for receiving an invite to our program!

Step 2 of 3: Watch this short training on how I turned my repairshop

around by implementing what we teach in the program.

Hear from Our Students

Step 3 of 3: Hear what our students say about their experience.

These are some of our students who have been in our program.

How Stephen went from not soldering at all to now renovating his store to handle the microsolder repair volume

“I joined the program because I didn’t have any experience in soldering.

I joined because I knew I was outsourcing all of my repairs so that meant that someone else was taking a cut of my profit…

I havent outsourced any repairs since joining the program.

Its definitely allowed for a lot of growth. I went from one employee or two.

Its caused a lot of expansion, I mean I’m talking double the amount of workspace because we are in taking so much more.

Its actually kind of insane.

If you are driven it just makes sense.

If you want to see monetized growth…bigger numbers…







How Lafe went from picking up his iron a handle full of times to doing repairs within a week of starting the program 

“Upon joining the Accelerator program, the accountability part really pushed me.

Within the first week I was getting comfortable with the basics.

[I joined due to] the ability to work from home.

One of the unexpected positives has been not only the microsolder course work and the support you receive from the group…

There is a lot of business development conversation that happens…

The development of standard operating procedures.

 I want to have 5 stores within the next 4 years and I think that what Ive learned in this course will help me propel to those 5 stores.





Hear from Our Students

Step 3: Read other wins that our students have shared about their experience.

These are some of our students who have been in our program.