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RepairShop Training for the 21st Century

The Industry is changing, Are your sales slowing down?

What are you doing to increase your profits?

Our Paths to Profit



HDMIs, Sandwich Boards, Shorts to Ground, ZXW and more.


Sales & Systems

Increase profits without increasing complexity.



Automate your systems and processes.

Increase Profits with Sales & Systems

If your sales are down (or even up) theres very easy and attainable ways to increasing your profits.

You don't need to buy new equipment or learn some super complex skill.

Increase Profits without Increasing complexity

The number one reason we see repair shops struggling is because their repair shops are too complex.

I've been saying it for years. Simplify the business and profits will increase.

Sustainable MicroSoldering

Did you know that the vast majority of techs who take microsolder training never actually complete any paying jobs?

The current training methods are outdated and broken.


Real In Depth Training

Our trainings are expanded into a 6 month long mentorship with support coaches, documented exercises, LIVE interacted classroom sessions weekly amongst many other support resources.

Soldering cannot be learned in a few days...So we don't try and teach it in just a few days.

That doesn't make any sense.


Real In Depth Support

5 days is not enough to learn soldering. Check any FB group online and you'll see that theres a massive trend of techs who took 5 day training that are 'still practicing' years later.

Our students get results and are profitable. This is why 5 day courses are labeling our student results as fake bots.

The results are incredible and no one gets results like our students.

Software - reFLOWi - Beta

Systems make businesses scalable and profitable. Systems implemented faster and more reliably create an even more bullet proof business.



Chat GPT integrated in a chat bot? Yes, we have that. Offload 80% of your messaging to RepairBotAI.



Worried about a low star review? ReviewGenius catches the bad ones before they hit google.


Centralized Messaging Center

SMS, FB messages, IG messages, Google Messages etc all in one spot? Yes, we have that too.

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Integrates With Your Preferred Calendar System:

Don't change your daily scheduling system to accommodate a hiring platform, let a hire platform integrate with your daily calendar!

Hear From Our Students

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I’ve never soldered before. Can I do this?

Yes, vast majority of our students have never soldered before and within weeks are performing paid jobs for customers. Our program structure accounts for all skill levels.

You don't offer Macbook training?

No, to not water down the program, we keep it concise with the most common devices that most repairshops will see. However, many of our students are successful with macbooks implementing the diagnostic techniques and solder skills they learned on our current curriculum.

I'm more of a hands on person, will online work for me?

We get a surprising amount of people who join us after taking those other ‘in person 5 day courses’. They simply don't get the results we do. Our program is fully guided and we hold multiple trainings weekly where we work along with you demonstrating, reviewing and perfecting the skills needed.

90 days is a long time, I'm looking for a shorter program.

There are no shortcuts to mastering microsoldering. We only accept the most determined and motivated individuals.

I don't think I can make the time commitment, what should I do?

If you can't make the time to train, then you definitely cannot make the time to be profitable and sustainable. This is the number 1 reason 5 day courses don't work at scale. They don't solve the time availability issue. We on the other hand, work with you and learn your day to day to ensure you are sustainable and profitable and do not burn out.

RepairShop Training for the 21st Century

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